Saturday, November 26, 2005 4:02 AM

Hand Evaluation  - 2/1 Doubles




            When partner makes a 2/1 ,  D.S.I.P. theory is replaced by forcing pass theory. However ,my partners & I have the understanding that 2 after partners1 opener is not forcing to game if the suit is rebid. After a major opener , a rebid of a minor is not game forcing. We have these understandings to make our forcing 1NT structure more manageable by taking these hand types out of the equation. In addition , we play 2/1 in competition as not a game force if the suit is rebid. To cover these hand types ,  D.S.I.P. theory comes into play. In the heat of battle , since these hands are an exception to the rule , we still assume forcing pass theory. However , if it presents itself that we can indicate the different hand type , we seize the opportunity.


            Partner opens 1 , you bid 2♣ with ♠Jx Ax xx ♣AK109xxx , they overcall 2 which gets raised to 3 so around to you. A direct  double simply means my 2/1 was of the game forcing variety so D.S.I.P. . A pass would say I just have a club suit type 2/1.  Same with hearts bid over spades in a competitive auction. A direct double after a minor 2/1 bid is like a THRUMP double. Bid 3NT with a stopper in their suit. With a stiff in my suit & the appropriate hand , feel free to convert for penalty.


            What about 2/1 in competition ? Same basic idea . A direct  double just tells partner your 2/1 is now forcing to game. If you just had a suit 2/1,  you would simply rebid your suit non forcing. You have the choice of a Q bid also but that should imply a fit with partner.  Ax AKQxxx xxx ♣xx   Partner opens 1 , they overcall 2♣ you bid 2 & they bid 3♣ so around to you. A  double here just means that your 2/1 was serious , so we are going to game somewhere or they play it doubled. A double works like a Q bid but you are conserving room & giving partner an option. A 3 bid would not be forcing.


            xx AKQxxx xx ♣xxx    Partner opens 1 , you bid 2 & they bid 3. This gets passed around to you. Your 3 bid is not forcing,  but you “owe” partner another bid. You must double with a game forcing 2/1 . A direct double is a more flexible bid to show your game forcing values. A Q bid sometimes rescues the opponents from a bad spot. A Q bid should imply a fit with partner in most cases. All bids in 2/1 auctions other than rebidding your suit are of course forcing to game with our understandings.


            1-P-2♣-P  is always forcing to game. There are no D.S.I.P. understandings in these auctions. Doubles & passes are in accordance with forcing pass theory.