Friday, November 25, 2005 3:56 PM

Hand Evaluation  - Defense vrs Pre-empts




            D.S.I.P. theory has a unique relationship with the opponents pre-empts . The penalty double is never & I mean never a trump stack double at any level. Doubling pre-emptive overcalls for penalty by responder is an almost certain recipe for disaster. To distinguish between a trump stack double & I have “cards” double is impossible. The ambiguity is just too great. One double has got to go , so the trump stack double disappears.


            Here is a hand from last night ♠Jx Q1098 AK ♣98765 , the opponents are vul & you are not. Partner opens 1♣ , LHO “pre-empts”  4♠ . Virtually the entire field  from Thurs nite IMPS doubled 4 for penalty. The opener held a lot of defensive tricks ♠void Axxx 9xxx ♣AK10xx . So with them being vulnerable & you having a void in spades , this is certainly going to be a juicy set – right ?  Wrong ! The average score for the board was -790 or –990 as the “pre-empter” held ♠AKQ1098765 x xxx ♣void .


            Now for those players who play D.S.I.P. theory over pre-empts. This is a D.S.I.P. double from either side of the table. The direct double would say I have cards so do something intelligent , the balancing double says I have 3 defensive tricks for my opener so do something intelligent . If you have their trump, please convert. This results in +650 as 5♣X makes with an overtrick. One pair got to that spot for an astronomically huge IMP pickup.


            One enterprising pair got to two spades ( moi & BJ ) when RHO passed a forcing pass as she only had 11 HCP’s for her opener.  P-1♣-1NT-X  

               P- P-2-X




This should have been a huge pickup for us as 4X is –200 , but the field does not understand suit preference signals. They cash the AK of diamonds & partner with QJ10x of diamonds on the board plays the 9 on the 2nd diamond. This high spot must be suit preference so you switch to a heart & get your diamond ruff. The entire field switched to a club which got ruffed for –990.  We lost 12 instead of winning +200 +170 +9 IMPS because the entire field is defensively challenged. BJ & I had a very accurate auction  to buy the hand in 2against their cold 6♣ J & lost 12 IMPS L