Tuesday, December 28, 2004 7:15 AM

D.S.I.P. - Pre-empts




          One of the tactics when your side has pre-empted is backing in and “showing where you live” . Since this involves an element of risk , a fit with partners pre-empt is necessary. These type of auctions fit the criteria for D.S.I.P. doubles rather than penalty doubles which are the norm when dealing with pre-empts.. You do not own the hand , you want to hear partner bid his suit unless he feels he can beat the contract. How does partner know when to leave it in ? Well you bid for a purpose. Is he short in that suit  or does he have unexpected defense ?


          Here is an example .  Partner opens 2and the opponents double. You hold xxx xx xxxx AKJx  and bid 3♣ at favourable vulnerability. The auction goes 3-P-4 and around to you again. Maybe a 4 sacrifice is in order ? Why do it single handedly ? Make a D.S.I.P. double saying I would like to bid 4. This is a 3rd case D.S.I.P. double where it appears the opponents own the hand. Partner has KQJxxx xxx x Qxx   and says OK. You go for –100 and they make +620 . Instead partner has AKxxxx xxx xxx x and converts. You get 3 clubs and two spades for a surprise +500 !!


          In general ,  if you just raise partners pre-empt and double their final non slam contract it is not a penalty double situation as the auction dictates they own the hand. The double says I would like to sacrifice but I have defense and am not overly long in your suit. Your call partner – do something intelligent. I just do not see the percentages in doubling a freely arrived at game by the opponents after I have raised your pre-empt suit. If I feel I can beat them ,  I just put the green card on the table. I do not want to single handedly make a pseudo sacrifice so I double with defense and let you make the final decision. The most common example is the simple raise of a weak two. 2♠-X-3♠-4  P-P-P  . The 3♠ raise can mean anything . Why not have a D.S.I.P. double to say lets sacrifice or leave it in depending on your hand ? The pre-empter should be able to read that it is the opponents hand.  Only the 3 bidder can take D.S.I.P. action because he just may want to take his plus if they landed in a bad spot.


          3 by partner and the opponents double and I bid 4 . They bid 4 and around to me and I double. Did I just make a clever trap bid and I have them where I want them ?  This assumes idiotic opponents who are making freely bid suicidal game tries. I think the double should be D.S.I.P. saying lets bid 5 but since I also have defense you may want to pass if you can contribute something. Of course if I took no action and I double their contract that is penalty and partner must put the green card on the table.


          Pre-empts in 1st & 2nd seat should be disciplined with no outside stuff. No such thing as disciplined pre-empts in other seats though. All the more reason to play D.S.I.P. doubles . I am a passed hand and partner pre-empts 3♣ . RHO bids 3 and I bid 4♣ and they bid game in spades and around to me again. I think it’s a good idea to sacrifice but I have a couple of defensive tricks. 3rd Case D.S.I.P. double time ! I double and partner has pre-empted with AKx xxx x QJ1098x  !! They got caught speeding. If partner had a real pre-empt he bails to 5♣ and we do our sacrifice thing. I think a single handed sacrifice by a passed hand partner should not be permitted.


          Tom and I had an auction against Chris B which was a 10 IMP swing. I held xx AK108x Jxx xxx  and the auction went 1to my right and pass by me and a 2♣ bid by Chris . Tom bid 3 and RHO bid 4♣ . I backed in 4 and LHO bid 5♣ and around to me again. Is this a time for a 5sacrifice ??. Might be but let partner make the decision with a 3rd case D.S.I.P. double . Partner holds x Qxx KQ1098xx xx  and 5goes one down against their plus +600. Change partners hand to Qxx x AQ10xxxx xx and 5♣ doubled goes for +500 !   Normally when partner pre-empts D.S.I.P. doubles do not apply. The D.S.I.P.  rules change though when partner raises the suit directly or by implication.


          With slams and partner pre-empts or overcalls the ground rules are different again. A double of a slam by the partner of the pre-empter shows no defensive tricks whether he supported partner or not ! If you are vul and they are not ,  when a sacrifice is impossible due to vulnerability, a double is lead directing as you are ruffing partners suit !