Monday, May 24, 2004 9:11 PM

Hand Evaluation – Finding  Duplication of Value




            Splinter theory is based on finding duplication of value . When partner makes a splinter , you hold xxx in that suit you know the opponents 10 HCP’s in that suit are wasted  on defense. This hand fits well for offense. D.S.I.P.  theory works on the same principle as splinter theory. Throwing out trump stack doubles in competition means the D.S.I.P. double resembles a splinter in the opponents suit. The D.S.I.P. doubles does not necessarily mean a singleton in the opponents suit but it does mean there are no values  in the opponents suit ( i.e. no duplication of value ) . Without a D.S.I.P. double ,  you have to make a guess that your singleton in their suit represents no duplication of value for your side. If you guess right on your single handed decision , you make your contract, if you guess wrong a terribly expensive pseudo sacrifice is the result.



 4-?               AKxxx x Axxx ♣J10x     With all 10 HCP’s in the opponents hand , partners values are pulling full weight right ? Wrong partners hand is


♠xxxx KQ10 xxx ♣Qx  so you go for 300 in 4x . They go for 500 in 4 doubled for a tremendous swing.


            D.S.I.P. theory also works like forcing pass theory to show length in the opponent’s suits. 


 4-p-?            Partner has ♠xx AKxxxx AKx ♣xx for his pass as with his defense he is willing to defend 4 . You have ♠xx QJ10x xx ♣AJ10xx so warned by partners non double you decide to pass . You beat 4 one trick for 100 but its better then 5 doubled for –200.


            Overcalls are so variable in  HCP defensive strength that you need to clarify this power later in the auction.



 4-?    AKxxx xx Axx ♣Axx  this hand you double saying you want to bid 4 based on sheer power. Over to partner to make the final decision. Partner holds ♠Qxx x xxxx ♣KQxxx  , 4 is bid & makes. You hold ♠Qxx AKx xxx ♣xxxx , you pass & catch them speeding. They go 3 down doubled in their contract & you can not make game !! Such is the power of duplication of value in guiding your competitive decisions


            Of course , the other hand can get involved in the D.S.I.P. double. 



4-p-p-?          QJx x Axxxx ♣J10xx       You think bidding 4might be a good idea based on your stiff heart. So you double saying lets bid 4partner . Partner has ♠AKxxx KQ10 xx ♣Qxx  , says no thanks so you pick up +500 with no game your way. If partner has ♠AKxxxx xxx Kxx ♣x  so he pulls the double & makes 4 . If 4 does not make, since  the D.S.I.P. double shows no duplication of value  , 4 makes the other direction. Both partners had input into the final decision which is another reason  why D.S.I.P. doubles were invented. D.S.I.P.  theory does not allow the opponents to be rescued when they are too high & we have duplication of value in their suit.


            Say you had  this hand ♠AKJxxx AQJ xxx ♣x   



 4-?      Just bid 4 if you feel that the contract should make . Do not make a D.S.I.P. double as that shows nothing in the opponents trump suit.   Change your hand slightly ♠AKxxx AQJ xxx ♣xx , you would pass & hope partner wants to play 4 by doubling. Partner can only pass or double so it looks like a plus your way . You do not need to worry that partner will make a single handed 4 bid & ruin the party.


            The splinter bid to show no duplication of value is one of the most successful bids in Bridge. D.S.I.P. doubles work the same way .  D.S.I.P. doubles pin point the lack of duplication of value in the opponents suit in competitive auctions. The pass in D.S.I.P. theory can warn of length in the opponents suit and the D.S.I.P. doubles generally show the upper range of HCP in variable HCP auctions. The D.S.I.P. double  allows both partners in on competitive decisions same as inforcing pass theory when you own the auction . The necessity to double when either partner wants to bid again with defense is a safeguard ( taking out insurance ) against duplication of value in the opponents suit in competitive auctions. Bad bidding opponents do not get rescued from your side bidding again. All this extra information  is transferred to partner  just by removing  the single handed trump stack doubles from your system in competitive auctions !!  About time !