Wednesday, November 10, 2004 3:34 AM

Hand Evaluation - Jump to Game




            Hard & fast rules with D.S.I.P.  doubles are rare but this one is etched in stone. If the opponents leap to game after finding a fit , a double is always D.S.I.P. from either side. You can not make a trump stack double of any auction where the opponents  , after finding a fit ,  leap to game. All doubles are “card showing” so defers the decision to partner to convert or bid. Well, you say this is obvious ,  the auction dictates that the double can not be a trump stack .  Yes , this is true but sometimes you encounter bad bidders so you may have a trump stack. Against these types of people , grit your teeth & put the green card on the table. You might be pleasantly surprised when partner doubles if he has defense.


            D.S.I.P. doubles always involve competitive bidding. The opponents finding a fit & jumping to game is an exception. Doubles are always D.S.I.P. in these auctions where the opponents leap to game


1-1-P- 4            1♣-3-P-4    X        



A takeout double is following the same principle so you definitely must grit your teeth if you have a juicy trump stack double. 1-X-P-4   X  is not a spade trump stack . The spade trump stack is shown by the green pass card. Playing D.S.I.P. theory , you can not make single-handed enforcer doubles of opponents games.  Of course , if partner has competed by raising your suit ( unless pre-emptive ) a double is always D.S.I.P.


The above is why D.S.I.P. theory is not practical against weak opponents. If the opponents jump to game , we must give them their due that they have their trump suit wrapped up. D.S.I.P. theory is based on that assumption. The opponents may be bidding on nothing HCP wise but give them their trump suit. D.S.I.P. doubles are often pulled , so do not double with values in their suit. Partner can not hang you as he must double if he wants to bid again  also.


            What if the opponents single handedly jump to game ?  Again we have to give them their trump suit. A double is D.S.I.P. but not negative . There is a difference . A negative double is disciplined so has unbid suit requirements. A D.S.I.P. double at this level is a penalty double without their trump. The key phrase is “without trump” which makes partner pulling the double much easier. If you have a trump stack , you are forced to pass & hope partner doubles. A hardship , yes , maybe but it comes with the territory of D.S.I.P. doubles.


            Coming with the territory of this D.S.I.P. theory is the strength of a game bid,  as opposed to a D.S.I.P. double as opposed to a pass. A pass is simply the same opener you started with or a penalty double of their game . A double says you have a good defensive hand so would like to bid game. A game bid is the weakest action and may even be an advanced sacrifice. The D.S.I.P. double gives you that option. Say you opened on  Axxx Qx Kx ♣Kxxxx  , the auction went 1♣-1-1-4  ?    if you feel like bidding 4 (just because of the terrorist vul ) go ahead & bid it as you have the inference that you did not make a D.S.I.P. double. Partner will not punish you.  Add the club Ace to this collection so you make a D.S.I.P. double instead.


            An out of the blue double is still penalty.  1-P-4-P   P-X      . We can not magically find a takeout double when we passed at the one level. This is a trump stack penalty double.