Tuesday, August 30, 2005 12:11 AM

D.S.I.P. NT Defense




          I still have not bought into negative doubles at the two level when the opponents interfere with our NT opener. At the 3 level negative doubles make a lot of sense but at the two level there is always a way with Rubensohl or Lebensohl or Q bids to find your right spot. You just do not need negative doubles. What you do need in my opinion is a bid that describes just “cards” and I do not know what course of action to take.


          I think the double at the two level should be D.S.I.P. except in one vulnerability. They are vul and we are not,  the double should be a good old fashioned trump stack penalty double. At all other vulnerabilities the double should just say I have “cards” so do something intelligent partner . I will never have a trump stack for my double as a green card or a 3NT bid will hit the table at these vulnerabilities. A D.S.I.P. double as opposed to a negative double can be defined as an “undisciplined negative double” . Negative doubles have strict unbid suit requirements whereas D.S.I.P. doubles just shows HCP’s and a willingness to compete on that basis alone.


          The vulnerability should play a big part in determining our type of double. If we are vulnerable and they are not , a penalty double is certainly not a great idea. We have to beat them 4 just for a few IMPS if we have our vulnerable game. A double makes more sense to  announce HCP’s and no other clear action. At equal vulnerability , I think a double showing cards rather than a trump stack stands out. It is best just to take our game rather than a set at equal vulnerability as a rule.


          The reason I like Rubensohl is that partner announces her suit immediately so I am in a better position to take action if RHO interferes. Same principle exists with a D.S.I.P. double. If RHO makes a nuisance of himself after his partner has bid , I am in a better position to compete after a D.S.I.P. double by partner or introduce a 5 card major if I have one. We use a 2NT free bid as a club transfer so we need a bid that replaces a 2NT natural bid. The D.S.I.P. double does the job nicely.


          What about 1NT overcalls ? Again I think doubles should be D.S.I.P. and negative doubles at the 3 level .With the multitude of toys that the opponents use over your strong NT’s in this day and age , D.S.I.P. doubles are a good counter measure to put partner in the picture. Again as in all D.S.I.P. theory it’s a request to compete but leaving the option open for partner to convert.  Penalty doubles are next and negative double last as an effective tool against their interference , in my opinion.