Saturday, March 19, 2005 12:13 AM

D.S.I.P. - Passed Hands




            When partner has pre-empted a weak two or made a weak jump overcall or even a pre-empt at the 3 level with the opponents intervening , an initial double is obviously penalty. You know partners hand within a tightly defined range so it is easy to determine the fate of the opponents. What if you are a passed hand  and partner pre-empts ? Well you would not be doubling very often you say. Not so . We do not open bad defensive 12 HCP or even 13 HCP hands . Partners 3rd seat pre-empts are quite variable in strength so opponents can get into trouble especially if they bid NT. You also want to differentiate between a competing hand and a suggestion to sacrifice. Why not interpret a passed hand double after partner’s pre-empt as D.S.I.P. rather than penalty ?


          This hand came up . Kxxx AQx xxx K10x   and partner opened a weak 2 in 3rd seat . The opponent overcalled 2NT so what do you do ? If partner has a healthy weak two , they get murdered . If not , you want to compete to 3 . A double must show a fit as a passed hand on this auction and in effect is asking partner to leave it in with a maximum and pull with a minimum. Just common sense Bridge.


          Vulnerability of course is a consideration with D.S.I.P. doubles after partner has pre-empted . I was a passed hand with Axx QJ10x K109x xx  and the auction went 1 to my left (vul) , 2 (nv) by my partner and 3NT to my right . I want to sacrifice if partner has a weakish hand and want to defend if he has a maximum. A D.S.I.P. double gets the best of both worlds. As a passed hand , the double must show a fit. Never pull my penalty doubles can not be applicable when I am a passed hand. Do Something Intelligent Partner.


          I see no reason to have this passed hand understanding with any pre-empts by partner ( jump overcall , weak 2, 3 or 4 ). This D.S.I.P. double is a cousin of the D.S.I.P. double called an action double. Partner in 3rd seat opens 3♣ and they overcall 3NT . You have Kxxx Axxx xx Kxx so you double saying you want to bid 4♣ but with defense. Partner was making a tactical 3rd seat pre-empt with xx xx AJx QJ109xx and 3NT gets murdered. Change the hand to x x xxxx QJ109xxx and we bail to 4♣ and the partnership can judge whether to sacrifice from here on in. The pre-empter can also get into the act with a 3rd Case D.S.I.P. action double. A double says I have defense but I want to create some action so leave in the double or pull .


          I can never see a situation where partner pre-empts and you double a suit for penalty as a passed hand. This is idiotic with a trump stack as you just helping them escape to a better spot. Why not play the double as D.S.I.P. with a fit ?  You have defense with a fit rather than just being a nuisance . P-P-2-3

X . it makes no sense for a passed hand to be doubling them into a game when partner has pre-empted. Playing it D.S.I.P. now lets partner into the picture for sacrificing purposes. If you bid 3 directly you are suggesting a sacrifice as you do not have defense. A D.S.I.P. double says you do and want to compete to 3 spades. Being a passed hand gives you more D.S.I.P. double inferences. Its almost like having two convention cards . One for passed hand doubles and one for not.