Friday, December 30, 2005 7:38 PM

D.S.I.P. - Responsive




            The Bridge World Standard treatment of doubling opponents raised suits after partner overcalls is responsive showing the two unbid suits. I think this is a poor treatment. BWS also plays a new suit bid by the partner of the overcaller as non forcing . This is also a very bad treatment as it eliminates the Q bid as limit raise or better. You need to use a Q bid just to create a  force which muddles these auctions badly. BWS stands by these “negative free bids” so they can compete better. I would prefer a new suit to an overcall remain as a one round force . With two unbid suits just bid them or make an unusual NT bid to show a two suiter.


          Borrowing a concept from snapdragon doubles , the best solution is to play a D.S.I.P. double as showing specifically the higher ranking of the two unbid suits and tolerance for partners overcall.

Axxxxx x K10x Q10x  1-2-3-X    You have made two bids in one . I have spades and diamond support. If you had AKxxxx xxx x Q10x you would bid 3 which denies support for the overcalled suit.


          You can use this bid as a “showing where you live” game try when partner has overcalled a major. KJ10xxx Kxx Kxx x  1♣-1-2♣-X    this D.S.I.P. double shows spades and heart support. A fit showing double if you will.


          Now the negative free bid just to compete. Jx KQxxxx xxx xx  1-2-2-X   You are too weak to compete to 3 directly so the double does it for you. You do not need a “negative free bid”.


          The stronger hand comes into play where you have a choice of a forcing bid or a D.S.I.P. double. Ax AQJxx 109xx Jx  1-2♣-2-X   You bid 3 directly and partner bids 4♣ and you are out of your 3NT game which makes. Doubling first and bidding 3NT after the 3♣ bid gets you two bids in one. You show a good hand with hearts but you do not “end play” the overcaller. Partner holds xxx x Axxx AKQ10xx and 3NT is your spot.


          The “classic” snapdragon double is when there is only one unbid suit. You double to show that suit and tolerance for partners overcall. 1-2♣-2-X      shows hearts and club tolerance.