Friday, January 30, 2004 6:59 AM

Validation Part I




            In my tenure as coach I tried to pass on my ideas on the game of Bridge based on my experiences . It would be nice to know if world class pairs share some of my more obscure views and theories. To this end , I obtained convention cards of 12 World Class pairs and posted them to my site. I will take some of my views suggested to the Pitbulls via E-mail and compare them with these players.


            First my dislike of “trump stack “ penalty doubles at high levels . I think trump stack doubles should be passed and doubles should be D.S.I.P. In addition , the WBF card makes you mention your forcing pass understandings especially if they vary from standard agreements.  Lets examine the world class players and get their views on this subject.



Our doubles are generally all TO at all levels at least when doubler has not shown length in the suit. We use the Penalty Double at low levels only when one of us has shown given a penalty pass. In penalty situations when we know we have balanced hands and we hold a certain majority of the points we utilize the double to suggest partner pass with length in the suit. One doesn't make a double if one doesn't want partner to convert to penalty.

D.DE FALCO - B.GAROZZO                          Doubles Negative-Thru:7

B.Garozzo-Buono                                 Doubles Negative-Thru:5S,  Responsive-Thru:5S

Benito Garozzo - Lea du Pont           Doubles Negative-Thru:5S,  Responsive-Thru:5S



Negative doubles at lower levels . Card showing doubles at more cramped levels and at 2nd round . X can ask for clarification of ambiguous bids . Support doubles and redoubles thru 4.


Negative Double = take out  . Opener shows good hand with Dbl . Most low level doubles are competitive – closer to take out . Ext–Max Doubles. ( not sure what that means - Bob ) Negative doubles thru 4


After 1♣ opener negative thru 5 , after 1 neg thru 5♣ , after 1 neg thru 4 & after 1♠ neg thru 4 .


Negative doubles thru 3 . Most direct doubles are take-out . Support doubles thru the 3 level. Special negative doubles ( see notes ) .


Negative doubles thru 4 and card showing doubles at higher levels. Support x’s xx’s thur 3


Negative doubles thru 4 , Support doubles thru 2 and competitive doubles at higher levels .


Negative doubles thru 4 , “negative doubles” in competition , support doubles


Negative Double thru 4 . 4♠ double is “optional” . Support doubles


Negative Double just points no shape , Most low level doubles=T/O , 2 Way Dbl , Competive Dbls ,

Max Dbl MAX-EXT  (? Bob  ) 


Negative doubles thru 7 .


Negative doubles thru 4 . “two-way” doubles at higher levels. Translated from the Italian I think that means optional or co-operative.

Survey of the top players and it’s a clean sweep . Nobody plays direct trump stack doubles period  . Different names for the D.S.I.P. doubles ( card showing , takeout , competitive  & optional ) but message is the same. Trump stack doubles are extinct. They are handled by converting partners D.S.I.P. doubles.